Orange Blossom Water Turns Nine!

February 28th, 2018

Today my blog celebrates its ninth birthday.

I can’t believe it’s been nine years since I started this blog. Thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragement these past 9 years. I hope I can continue this blog for a few more years. It takes time here to post as well as time to cook and photograph what I made and as long as I am able to do all that I would like to keep this little old blog going. I’m looking forward to the coming years!

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Nothing better than a huge Syrian Breakfast in this special day, check the next post for details.

Happy Birthday Orange Blossom Water.

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4 Responses to “Orange Blossom Water Turns Nine!”

  1. Ghalia Nakshbendi Khelfaoui says:

    Congratulation on your 9th anniversary!
    Many thanks for teaching me knew recipes!

  2. Moo says:

    Congratulations. I always look forward to getting your emails though am embarrassed to say I havent cooked anything yet. I love the middle eastern food culture and food and you bring it to life in such an honest, natural way. Always makes me think of women cooking together as they laugh and talk. Family coming together to eat, laugh, squabble (as families often do). Uncles, fathers, mothers, aunts, grand parents with beady eyes over their grand children, at the same time spoiling them. Keep doing what you do

  3. Maha says:

    Sanaa Helwa ya Gameel

  4. Ina says:

    Congratulations!!! Hope to be able to come and visit here many times!!!