Syrian Breakfast

February 28th, 2018

Breakfast in Syria is an event itself. Syrian Breakfast usually consists of of an assortment of small plates, served with Arabic flat bread and tea. The whole family sits together, There are no plates. Breakfast is eaten communally – everyone has a piece of bread and dips it into the various items. Thus, each dish must be laid out in a pattern, such that each person can reach each plate with their little chunks of bread. Most of the foods served for breakfast are called “Hawadir” – readies or foods that are ready to eat from the pantry or refrigerator.

More pictures with details:

Above: Beid Meqli (Fried Eggs)

Eggs are fried using Syrian Sheep’s ghee which gives a unique flavor. Boiled eggs are also served in Syrian Breakfast.

Above: Zeitoun Akhdar (Syrian Green Olives)

I’ll publish a post on how to crack green olives and store them, plus two recipes for delicious Syrian green olives salad.

Above: ‘Atoun (Syrian Pressed Black Olives) عطون

I’ll publish a post on how to press black olives and store them.

Above: Daqqah Hamwiyeh

A specialty of Hama. Made of Ground Aleppo pepper, bread crumbs, onion, pomegranate molasses, tahini, chopped walnuts and olive oil. I’ll post the recipe soon.

Above: Makdous Al-Bathenjan

Makdous Al-Bathenja is baby eggplants stuffed with a mixture of chopped walnuts and ground Aleppo pepper.

Above: Qarisheh Bida

Qarisheh (White Qarisheh) is made from yogurt mixed with salt, the yogurt is boiled then strained. I’ll post the recipe soon.

Above: Qarisheh Hamra

Qarisheh Hamra (Red Qarisheh) is white Qarisheh mixed with Ground Aleppo Pepper.

Above: Shenklish

Shenklish is made of Qarisheh, dried and aged for long period of time until mold is formed. I’ll post the recipe soon.

Above: Labneh (Strained Yogurt)

Above: Laban (Yogurt)

Above: Jebneh Bida Baladiyeh (Syrian White Cheese)

Above: Jebneh Mshallaleh (String Cheese)

Above: Mrabba Al-Mshmush

Mrabba Al-Mshmush (Homemade Apricot Jam). Syrians often take advantage of the sun’s rays to finish cooking their jams. The jams matured by being left in the sun keep longer and never crystallize, a frequent hazard of jam making. In Dubai the humidity is high, therefor I can’t be prepare jam under the sun. Jam is served with cheese.

Above: Mrabba Al-Bathenjan

Above: Mrabba Al-Qaree’

Mrabba Al-Qaeree’ (Pumpkin Jam) is prepared in a way similar to Eggplant Jam using slaked lime. I’ll post the recipe soon.

Above: Halaweh Tehiyniyeh

Above: Za’atar Halabi

Above: Cucumber and tomatoes

Above: Homemade Arabic Flat Bread

Another breakfast items: Fattoush Maleh, Foul Mdammas, Hummus Bi-Zeit Az-Zeitoun, Hummus Mdammas, Mamouniyeh, different types of Jams such (Cherry Jam, Rose Petal Jam, Walnut Jam, Fig Jam, Citron Jam, Strawberry Jam and others).

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