Orange Blossom Water Turns Two!

February 28th, 2011

Dimah - - Hidden Surprise Cupcakes 90

My Blog turns two years old today! Happy Birthday Orange Blossom Water!

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82 Responses to “Orange Blossom Water Turns Two!”

  1. Food Lover says:

    Happy birthday wish you good luck always :)

  2. Happy Birthday Dimah! Have missed reading your posts and gazing at your beautiful photos. Hoping to see more soon!

  3. Cherine says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary!

  4. Happy bloganniversary and many more to come!

  5. Umm Mymoonah says:

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary, cupcake looks lovely

  6. Two years! Congratulations, Dimah. You do such a great job–and I’ve been missing you. Your photos always are so clean and pretty–and very feminine. Lovely.

  7. Sukaina says:

    Happy Birthday Orange Blossom Water. may you have many many more!

  8. Congratulations! What a treasure you bestowed upon us

  9. Pauline says:

    Hurray for 2 years of lovely things to eat! xx

  10. eizel says:


  11. Raina says:

    Happy birthday!

  12. Liz says:

    Happy birthday to your blog!!!

  13. Lisa H. says:

    Congratulations on turning 2. :) looking forward to many more years ahead…

    ps… mine turn 2 too on 9th feb :

  14. Becky says:

    Happy Birthday, Orange Blossom Water.
    The cupcakes are beautiful and fitting for a birthday party! Keep up the beautiful posts and pics.

  15. Congratulations on 2 years of delicious recipes!

    Lovely cupcake – so cute and fluffy looking :)

  16. Mateja says:

    Happy second blogaversary Dimah!

  17. Is that beautiful cupcake to celebrate it? ^_^
    Happy bloganiversary Dimah, more power and great recipe to share in year a head! ^_^

  18. Medeja says:

    Happy Birthday! Best wishes! Congratulations! I hope many great recipes and birthdays are ahead! :)

  19. Katerina says:

    Happy birthday to your little baby Dimah! To many more years of beautiful posts!

  20. ahhh i love pink pretty cupcakes! :) happy birthday orange blossom! *

  21. Happy 2nd birthday and may there be many happy returns! :D

  22. Congratulations and happy blog birthday!!!

  23. suchitra says:

    CONGRATS Dimah- you rock! Lovely posts and a great blog- wishing you all the best and keep inspiring

  24. Malar Gandhi says:

    Two years, its a mile stone…congrats on your blog anniversary dear. Happy blogging and sure its a perfect cake to celebrate the occasion, love it:)

  25. Congratulations! Looking forward to more yummy post from you….

  26. aipi says:

    Congrats dear..wish you many many more such beautiful milestones to come..keep up the great work!

  27. Maya says:

    Dimah, I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered your blog as it turns 2 years old. But I looked through it and you’re recipes are great, so I’ll be coming back often! Many congrats on your blog anniversary!

  28. Christina says:

    Happy Blogbirthday! I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the next year!

  29. Happy Blogbirthday!!! :) The celebration cupcake is great! It’s great to find you back at work!!! :)

  30. Congrats Dimah.Thats a big milestone.Wish you a lot many to come.

  31. fooddreamer says:

    Happy Blogoversary!!!!

  32. Happy Bloganniversary and welcome back, dear Mrs Orange Water!
    Your blog is beautiful and your recipes are delicious: looking forward to your many more posts :-)

  33. thoma says:

    yay! dimah you’re back. happy birthday dear looking forward to your treasures :)

  34. Panchpakwan says:

    Congarts on blog anniversary.
    cup cake looks so yummy!!

  35. Happy blog Birthday!

  36. Juliana says:

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary…and look forward to many more :-)

  37. Happy Blog Birthday..cake looks Yummy:)

  38. Cindy says:

    Happy birthday bloggie!!

  39. rebecca says:

    happy Birthday to your lovely blog, I really enjoy your recipes

  40. héni says:

    Happy Blogoversary! Mabrouk on 2 years of sharing beautiful and delicious food!
    Looking forward to many more from you Dimah!

  41. kristy says:

    Congratulations, Dimah dear and Happy Blogaversary to you! I just thought of you a few minutes ago and then you appearred in my comment box. Wow, what a day! :o) Glad to hear from you. Yes, time just flies so quickly. Isn’t it? Looking for more adventurous & traditional cooking from you. Hope you’re having a terrific day.
    Blessings, Kristy

  42. MaryMoh says:

    Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! I’m sure you had fun and more fun will be on the way. Keep Blogging Keep Smiling! :D

  43. Sanjeeta kk says:

    Happy blog anniversary, Dimah! Feels very good for you. And wish you bring forth these delicacies year after year…

    Best wishes and take care.

  44. briarrose says:

    Woot! Happy Blogversary.

  45. Zara says:

    Welcome back dear Dimah! Oh, Happy Birthday for the beautiful baby-blog! And many thanks for sharing your delicious recipes!! Looking forward to the tones more! ;D

  46. Happy two years! May there be many many more! :)

  47. Pari says:

    Hi! First time here and loved going through ur space. Congrats!!! The cupcake looks beautiful.
    Drop by sometime.


  48. Rosa says:

    Happy Bloggiversary and to many more!

    What a cute cupcake!


    Rosa xoxo

  49. Swathi says:

    Happy blog anniversary Dimah, wishing many more to come.

  50. Sarah Naveen says:

    Happy Birthday OBW!!!

  51. Namitha says:

    Congratulations :-) Keep us the great work !

  52. Happy blog anniversary Dimah
    hope all is well in your end haven’t heard from you for a while

  53. Happy 2nd Blog Birthday!

  54. Adelina says:

    What a great accomplishment! Happy Birthday darling and wish you many more years to celebrate with everyone.

  55. January says:

    congratulations and happy 2nd blog-versary! :)

  56. Susi says:

    Happy second Anniversary! Wishing you many more to come :o)

  57. Reeni says:

    Happy 2nd blog birthday Dimah! Wishing you another great year!

  58. Happy birthday to your beautiful blog, I’m looking forward to all the wonderful recipes you make this following year!
    *kisses* HH

  59. Reshmi says:

    Hi, first time here.. u’ve a wonderful collection of recipes.. congrats on ur 2nd blog anniversary..!!

  60. Fragolina says:

    Wish you more years of blogging!

  61. Joanne says:

    Happy blogiversary! Here’s to many more!

  62. jay says:

    congrats dear…wishing you all success..happy blogging..:D
    Tasty appetite

  63. Cakewhiz says:

    Happy bloggoversary :D
    May you have many many more! And that is such a cute cupcake….hehe

  64. Nadia says:

    Congrats on the milestone! Looking forward to many, many more posts from you.

  65. Cook is Good says:

    Congratulations!!! It must be such a satisfaction! Giorgia & Cyril

  66. Happy Birthday! You earned that cake!

  67. Mabrouk! Wish you and your blog all the best!

  68. Hannah says:

    Wishing you a very happy and delicious blog birthday, and many more to come! :)

  69. Congrats Dimah!! wish you lots of love:)

  70. Claudia says:

    Happy blogiversary to you and your exquisite blog!

  71. WOW 2 years!! Congratulations on the milestone Dimah. Looking forward to elegant and delicious treats

  72. Hapy birthday . . . always love your posts, the recipes, the pictures, all!

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  74. Many many congratulation…keep going…

  75. Anna's Table says:

    Dimah, A very happy blog anniversary! Looking forward to many more beautiful recipe posts.

  76. Ambreen says:

    Congratulations on your 2nd blog anniversary.Looking forward to many years more, Insha Allah! Keep up the great work!

  77. Eva says:

    Happy late birthday!!! The cupcake is lovely, (as is all of your food), and congratulations! Can’t wait to see what wonderful recipes this next year has in store :)

  78. belated returns of the day :) just browsing your site and I am so happy you stopped by my site or I may not have found you :)

  79. Portugal says:

    I know im late to greet but i still congratulate you,,belated happy anniversary to your blog..more power!

  80. Margot says:

    Happy anniversary to your blog!!!
    Mine just turned 4 yesterday, time flies so fast…