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Ramadan, Iftar – 2010

August 30th, 2010

Dimah - - Ramadan, Iftar - 2010 1

Today’s post is similar to this post last year, about Ramadan Iftar.

More pictures with details:


Sharab Al-‘Eriq Sous

August 25th, 2010

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Licorice or liquorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra is an herbaceous perennial plant which grows in Mediterranean countries from Anatolia to Spain. The plants grow to 50-120 cm and have bluish purple flowers.

Licorice plants are widespread in Syria, particularly in Al-Raqqa governorate. Syrian licorice is considered one of the best in the world and is referred to as Euphrates licorice.

Sharab Al-‘Eriq Sous (Licorice drink) is one of the most important drinks in Ramadan. In Syria, sous vendor walks around old market places and allies, wearing his traditional outfit and carrying the drink in a container on his back. Licorice drink is produced by moistening the roots. Afterward, they are wrapped in cloth and soaked slowly in water.

Let’s make Sharab Al-‘Eriq Sous:



August 18th, 2010

Dimah - - Shakriyeh 91

Shakriyeh is yogurt cooked with lamb meat, served with frikeh (roasted green wheat) and rice.

Let’s make Shakriyeh:


Ramadan Kareem – 2010

August 11th, 2010

Dimah - - Ramadan Kareem - 2010 1

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar, today is the first day of Ramadan.

May Allah accept our fasting, forgive our sins, and guide us all to the Straight Path. May Allah bless us all during Ramadan, and throughout the year, with His forgiveness, mercy, and peace, and bring us all closer to Him and to each other.

Dimah - - Ramadan Kareem - 2010 2

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August 11th, 2010

Makbouseh is one of the sweets prepared for Nisf Sha’aban.

Makbouseh is a specialty of Hama (you can’t find it in other cities), and available only during Nisf Sha’aban, it has another name which is “Mehshiyeh”. The dough is prepared from flour, sugar and ghee, and the filling is prepared from semolina, sugar, water, orange blossom water and food coloring, it is formed as two layers of dough and the filling between them, and cut into diamonds then baked in the oven.

Let’s make Makbouseh: