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Ginger Spice Cake

April 4th, 2010

Dimah - http://www.orangeblossomwater.net - Ginger Spice Cake 3

I made this cake for breakfast and it was so easy, you have to put all the ingredients in one bowl and beat them then bake the cake. It was so moist and had that wonderful flavors of golden syrup and the spices.

Let’s make Ginger Spice Cake:


Mehshi Al-Bathenjan and Mehshi Al-Kousa

April 2nd, 2010

Dimah - http://www.orangeblossomwater.net - Mehshi Bathenjan and Mehshi Kousa 99g

Mehshi means stuffed, any stuffed vegetable is called “Mehshi”. Mehshi Al-Bathenjan is stuffed eggplants and Mehshi Al-Kousa is stuffed vegetable marrows. The filling is prepared from rice, meat mixed with sheep/lamb tail fat “liyeh”, tomato paste, salt and black pepper, then the stuffed vegetables are cooked in tomato sauce.

Let’s make Mehshi Al-Bathenjan and Mehshi Al-Kousa: