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Syrian Breakfast

November 10th, 2009

Dimah - - Typical Syrian Breakfast 1

A Typical Syrian Breakfast consists of  Syrian Cheeses, Eggs, Foul Mdammas (Fava Beans Salad), Halawa, Hummus, Jams, Laban Arabi (Sheep’s Milk Yogurt), Laban Baqari (Cow’s Milk Yogurt), Labneh, Makdous, Olives (Green Olives and Black Olives), Olive Oil, Qarisheh, Shanklish, Sliced Cucumber, Sliced Tomato, Za’atar, served with Khubz Arabi (Arabic Bread) and Tea. Mamouniyeh and Sha’eebiyyat are also served for breakfast.

In my future posts, I will write in details about these topics:

Halaweh Tehiniyeh

Jebneh (Syrian Cheeses)

Laban and Labneh


Qarisheh and Shenklish


Zaytoon (Olives – Green Olives and Black Olives)

More pictures:


Fasouliyeh Bi-Zeit Az-Zeitoun

November 7th, 2009

Dimah - - Fasoulia Bez-Zeit 5

In Syria, we cook green beans in two ways:

1. Fasouliyeh Bez-Zeit: green beans cooked with olive oil, crushed garlic and ground coriander seeds, (Some people make Fasoulia Bez-Zeit in different way, they add to it tomato chunks and onion).

2. Fasouliyeh Bel-Bandourah: green beans cooked with meat, onion and tomato sauce.

Fasouliyeh is the Arabic word for green beans, Zeit is the Arabic word for oil.

Let’s make Fasouliyeh Bez-Zeit:


Jam Rolls

November 3rd, 2009

Dimah - - Jam Rolls 6

These rolls are perfect for breakfast with a cup of tea. The filling is Nutella in the original recipe, but I used Apricot jam and Strawberry jam. Next time, I’ll use the same dough and make Cheese rolls and Za’tar rolls.

Let’s make Jam Rolls: