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Waraq Al-‘Enab

April 17th, 2010

Dimah - - Grape Leaves 9

Waraq Al-‘Enab or Waraq Al-Dawali means Grape Leaves.

In Syria, grape leaves are used in two dishes:

Yalanji: Grape leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables, served as appetizer. I posted the recipe last year.

Yabraq: Grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat, cooked in lemon juice, served as main course. I’ll post it next.

Before the post “Yabarq”, I preferred to write this post about grape leaves, so that will give you some information about the preparations of grape leaves.

Grape leaves are used fresh in their season (April, May and June), or stored in the freezer for winter use. This post is about:

How to Use Fresh Grape Leaves?

How to Store Fresh Grape Leaves in the Freezer?

More pictures with details:


Mloukhiyeh I

March 19th, 2010

Dimah - - Mloukhiyeh I 5

Mloukhiyeh is Jew’s mellow. It is available in summer in July, therefore it is used fresh. For winter, mloukhiyeh is dried and stored in the freezer. This post is about how to preserve mloukhiyeh for winter use, and the next post will be about how to cook mloukhiyeh.

How to preserve Mloukhiyeh: