January 5th, 2017

Today I discovered Arabic website “Lazezh”, they are using my own work “recipes, step by step photos, and the photos of the dish” without my permission, they even removed my name and put their logo on my photos.
Cooking, photography, photo editing, writing the recipe – I work on each post for weeks. If you want to use my work, you have to take my permission and to keep my name on it. And thanks for everyone who respect others’ efforts.
اليوم اكتشفت أحد المواقع العربية المسمى بـ “لذيذة”، يقومون بسرقة عملي “وصفاتي والصور” دون أذن مني، قاموا ببساطة بمسح اسمي واسم موقعي من على الصور ووضعوا شعار موقعهم
أنا أبذل مجهوداً كبيراً في المطبخ والتصوير وأعمل على كل موضوع لأسابيع حتى يظهر بالشكل اللائق وبأمانة. هذه اسمها قلة احترام وقلة تقدير لتعب الآخرين، من أراد استخدام الوصفات أو الصور فالرجاء مراسلتي أولاً وأخذ الإذن مني وعدم مسح اسمي واسم موقعي من على صوري. وشكراً لجميع من يقدر تعب الآخرين.

11 Responses to “Plagiarism”

  1. Valerie Armagno says:

    It upsets me to know someone would steal your work. You should contact their sponsors to report what they are doing. On the other hand it is a compliment because your site and recipes are beautiful!

  2. Widad says:

    Oh that sucks! Looks like the whole site is plagiarized. I hope you’re able to get them to take it down.

  3. Hélie says:

    Oh no.

    Did you write to them about it?

    I would strongly encourage you to defend your work vigorously and maybe keep us updated about it. This is really disgusting on their part. I wish I could write Arabic good enough to tell them my two cents.

    • Dimah says:

      Thank you Hélie,
      I reported the copied photos / posts to Instagram and Facebook and they removed them. The Arabic website apologized and mentioned the source (my website) on published posts. I informed them that this time I accept adding link to my website but they are not allowed to use / copy my work anymore. If they copy any new post, I will force them to delete it and to delete all the old posts “even if they mention the source”.

      • Hélie says:

        Thanks for the update, I am very glad that you were able to get some respect… Keep up the good work!

        I don’t comment often but as a half-Syrian Quebecois who spent his kindergarten in Aleppo, what you’re doing is invaluable to me. I can throw dinner parties and show people here that Syrian culture is wonderfully rich, not anything like what the media wants to portray. And I’ve had good results with that, thanks to you :)

        • Dimah says:

          Wow, that was an amazing compliment, thank you!
          I’m really glad to know that my blog pleased you. Thank you so much Hélie.

  4. Divya says:

    Dimah, I am in love with your blog. I never comment but want to show my support. Your pictures are absolutely stunning and measurements precise. I learnt a lot about syria from your blog before all that is happening and I have only good thoughts about your country. I know copying is the best form of flattery but not in this case. I am happy you did what you did. Keep up the good job…..Divya.

    • Dimah says:

      Divya ♡♡♡
      I have to say I’m speechless….thank you. I’m blessed that you enjoyed reading my blog. It’s comments like these that motivate me to keep doing what I do.
      Thank you so much for your support.

  5. Anthony Beal says:

    That is inexcusable. I’m sorry this happened. That they would actually go so far as to put their logo on your photos is absolutely beyond the pale. Good for you for making them answer for what they did.