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November 18th, 2013

Dimah - -Mkhallal 1

Mkhallal is the Arabic word for pickles. Today’s post is about how to make:

1- Mkhallal Al-Fleifleh (Pickled Green Pepper)

2- Mkhallal Al-Khiar (Pickled Cucumber)

3- Mkhallal Al-Khiar Beth-Thoum (Pickled Cucumber, flavored with garlic)

4- Mkhallal Al-Qethaa’ (Pickled Armenian Cucumber)

5- Mkhallal Al-Shawandar (Pickled Beets)

6- Mkhallal Al-Left (Pickled Turnips)

7- Mkhallal Al-Malfouf (Pickled Cabbage)

8- Mkhallal Al-Zaher (Pickled Cauliflower)

Let’s make Mkhallal: