I Need Your Votes…

May 7th, 2013


Hi my friends,

I’ve participated in a competition on facebook with my picture of “Homemade Jelly Rolls”.

The winner will by decided by judges and the number of likes received on the picture. The winner will get a “Canon 550D”.

If you see that I deserve to win, so please go to the link (http://on.fb.me/ZEADBp) and “like” my picture, also ask your friends for that.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated.


5 Responses to “I Need Your Votes…”

  1. grazi says:

    sure you deserve to win!

    good luck.

  2. grazi says:

    I open the page but I din’t found where do click…

    it’s the red hand of SpendWisor?

  3. Dimah says:

    grazi: Thank you so much.

    Log in to your facebook account, go the link, and click on “Like”

    Thanks again.

  4. Humi says:

    Done Dimah . All the best.

  5. Dimah says:

    Humi: Thank you so much!

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