Ramadan, Iftar – 2009

September 13th, 2009

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“Iftar refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan and is often done as a community, with Muslims gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is done right after Maghrib (sunset) time. Traditionally, a date is the first thing to be consumed during iftar when the fast is broken, source: wikipedia”

In Ramadan we as a family usually serve one kind of food for Iftar, but when we have guests for Iftar we should serve several kinds of food to suit the desire of everyone, therefore the menu will be as follows:


Drinks like Juice, Milk, Laban A’yran which is a drink made of Yogurt and water .


Salad or Fattoush.

Appetizers like Kibbeh Maqliyeh, Hummus, Mutabal, Muhammara, Batersh, Pizza, Cheese Sambousek.

Main Course like Yabraq (stuffed grape leaves), Sheikh Al-Mehshi (I’ll post about it soon), Ush Al-Bulbul, Sambousek Mwarraq, Mloukhiyeh(Jaw’s Mellow, I’ll post about it soon).

Desserts like Qatayef, Knafeh, Loukumads.

More Pictures:

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Above: Soup (Red lentil soup), Salad, Kibbeh Maqliyeh, Mutabal, Muhammara (the red one), Sambousek Mwarraq.

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Above: Dessert , I preferred to make something different than traditional desserts, so this is Morrocan Dessert which is Briwat Bel-Louze (pastry filled with almond paste and fried then dipped in honey).

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Above: Soup (Red lentil soup), Mini Pizza and Cheese Sambosak, Ush Al-Bulbul, Sheikh Al-Mehshi (the two dishes on the left, it is vegetable marrow stuffed with cooked ground meat then fried, one with tahini sauce and the other with yogurt sauce and served with rice).

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Above: Knafeh Bel-Qashta

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4 Responses to “Ramadan, Iftar – 2009”

  1. Rola says:


    Ramadan Kareem w kel sene w ento salmeen. Your table looks great, I am tempted now to do Ush el Bulbul for our Iftar tonight. Any hopes for Halawet el Jeben recipe????? Coming from you, it should be the original instead of all the “fake” ones that I still try to do, and still happilly eat ;)

  2. Dimah says:

    Rola: Thanks for your lovely comment!

    About Halawat Al-Jeben, you know that it is available in sweets shops in Syria and very easy to get it especially in Hama so nobody thinks to make it at home, but I’ll search for a good recipe and try it and if get good results I’ll write the recipe on the blog.

    *I received your nice email, I was looking for “madloo2a” recipe to help you, then I became busy (it is Ramadan!), so I didn’t answer your email, I’m sorry.

    Ramadan Kareem, w kel snne w ento salmeen. Eid is coming (Kel 3am we entoo bkheer).

  3. Rola says:

    Thanks a lot Dimah for your reply….as you can tell, we are deprived from all those yummy desserts that you guys find easily back home. Thats why we try to get recipeis that would bring it as close to the original as possible. Thanks again.

  4. Dimah says:

    Rola: You’re welcome :)